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Pretty quick, reliable, safe. Will shop here again!
Crofts de
2023-11-14 21:19
So fast and helpful. Will buy here again
Bryce mens
2023-11-14 21:08
Slow but online chat helpful would recommend 
Arm red
2023-11-14 20:59
Always got my items quickly
Bru gust
2023-11-14 20:58
Just purchased everything I’ll ever need in Elden Ring for a great price! Immediate response after my purchase, I received everything I ordered within like 3 minutes. Absolutely recommend these guys and will definitely come back to them when I find something else I want.
Webs quinn
2023-11-14 20:58
This is fire, this is for the culture
Sou jeff
2023-11-13 23:19
dope people who got all the good deals for coins
Fitch reed
2023-11-13 22:16
Fast and cheap! Best price for coins on the market. Came in 4 minutes!!
El mer
2023-11-13 22:05
Very very fast service!! Great website and credible! Will continue to buy from this site for sure.
Pu kay
2023-11-13 21:47
100% legit, fast and easy service 
Ny keats
2023-11-13 21:35
Great service and very credible! I got my stickers super quick and will continue to buy from this site!
Fay vic
2023-11-13 21:22
100% legit, fast and easy service
Fox lvis
2023-11-13 20:51
Fast and reliable. Bought coins once and came in 6 minutes!
Leif dams
2023-11-13 20:50
Fast and cheap reliable coins i wouldn't do anywhere else.
Shei sh
2023-11-13 20:48
Actually the cheapest and best coin site to use!
Glenn young
2023-11-13 20:48
Took about an hour and prices are really great , THANK YOU !
Thom jeff
2023-11-12 23:13
Bought a million got it within 1 minute used code swift
Shei harte
2023-11-12 20:39
Best stickers website and cheapest 
Joan da
2023-11-12 20:35
Ayeee I got my coins no complaints happy holidays and a happy MUTMAS
Rho kuk
2023-11-12 20:31
I ordered them late at night, when I woke up the coins were in my account so no complaints
Pag jack
2023-11-12 20:30
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