Time flies and a new iteration of NBA 2K will be ready for all of us to play, is it an evolution or a Renaissance?  We can wait and hold on to the updates, now let’s have an overview of all updates revealed…

NBA 2K23, Set To Be Released On September 9th

At present, numerous gameplay improvements and new features have been unveiled for NBA 2K23, which will launch on September 9.  A Michael Jordan-themed challenge in NBA 2K23 will let players relive 15 significant moments from the legendary Chicago Bulls player's career. In NBA 2K11, the Michael Jordan challenge first appeared.  In the “NBA's Greatest” game mode in NBA 2K12, players may choose from several periods in the league's past. The franchise mode for NBA 2K23 will be dubbed “MyNBA Eras,” according to the 2K team. The game mode enables players to go back in time to three distinct times in NBA history. However, that is not the only old-school game element that NBA 2K23 has revived.

NBA 2K23 MyNBA Eras: All The Information Presently Available

MyNBA Eras will initially only be available on PS5 and Xbox One, but it will give players the chance to alter NBA history by going back in time to three different eras. It has been announced that the three historical beginning points are 1983, 1991, and 2002. Gamers may travel back in time and alter the course of the game by making choices armed with information about how the league unfolded.

For instance, if players manage a team in 1983, they may choose Michael Jordan for the Portland Trail Blazers with the same No. 2 choice as Sam Bowie. Additionally, NBA 2K has offered complete control over the franchise's operations.

Jump In A Time Machine and Change the Course of NBA History With the Brand-new MyNBA Eras in NBA2K23.

For instance, MyNBA Eras will provide players with a schedule and any upcoming rule changes at the beginning of each new season. Changes in the timetable and the rules won't be a problem for gamers. Additionally, they will have more influence over the business operations, revenue streams, and all player and coach selections made on the field.

Erick Boenisch, the executive producer of NBA 2K, has made the following comments on NBA 2K23:

Unlike anything, we've ever done in this manner, total control. You may object by saying, “No, no, no. I don't want the Hornets to switch between the eight places they played in for, like, five years.” It is possible to contest the Seattle SuperSonics' move to Oklahoma City in 2008. People have access to everything they need to create their own world. Along with the added control and additional features, the MyNBA Eras mode will accurately reflect the relevant era. The audiences, stadium sponsors, and the crowd itself, for instance, will all be suitable for the period. These additions will give the NBA 2K series a fresh feeling of realism and thoroughness that has never been seen before.

Therefore, from all information, we can conclude that evolution can have something to do with nostalgia or a Renaissance, times being different now, who knows what you gonna get from the chocolate box.

The moment for final predictions is almost coming as the 2022 NFL season approaches.Fortunately, Yahoo Sports' annual Madden simulation offers a fascinating look at how the next season may unfold. For the sixth consecutive year, Yahoo Sports used the most recent version of the well-known video game, Madden NFL 23, to replicate the entire NFL season. The experiment may have been a precursor of things to come, but it also yielded some startling outcomes.

To start, the Jets, Browns, Colts, Chiefs, Cowboys, Packers, Buccaneers, and Cardinals were projected division champions by the simulation. The 14-team playoff field was completed by the Titans, Ravens, Bills, Saints, Panthers, and Eagles.

Surprisingly, the Colts under Matt Ryan had the best record in the league, going a miraculous 16-1 throughout the regular season. Dallas and Kansas City (13-4) came after Indianapolis (12–5). The Chiefs ended up facing a surprise opponent in the Saints in the simulated Super Bowl LVII, where they were the AFC representative. Then, New Orleans pulled off the surprise, defeating Kansas City 34-14 to win the team's second Super Bowl championship.

Regarding the contestants from the previous year's championship game, the Bengals and Rams were both relegated to lower positions in their respective conferences during the fictitious 2022 season. Los Angeles concluded the year at 9-8, while Cincinnati finished at 8-9, leaving both teams out of the playoffs.

The Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott earned the league's MVP award after establishing single-season records for both passing yards (5,649) and passing touchdowns (57). Cooper Kupp, a receiver for the Rams, was named the NFL's Offensive Player of the Year for the second year in a row, while Maxx Crosby, a pass rusher for the Raiders, was named the league's Defensive Player of the Year. Drake London of the offensive team and Arnold Ebiketie of the defensive won the most coveted rookie accolades for their teams, the Falcons. Frank Reich, the Colts' head coach, won Coach of the Year honors after a fictitious 16-1 season.

It is brilliant that NBA2K has made it public that this year’s Standard Edition and cross-gen Digital Deluxe Edition of the video game has Booker on the cover, and Michael Jordan appears on the NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Edition and the brand-new NBA 2K23 Championship Edition covers.

In a news release, Booker said that it was a dream come true to see himself on the cover of NBA 2K, it’s surreal to eventually join the exclusive club of basketball greats who’ve been a cover athlete.  He has admitted that he has been a huge NBA 2K fan since he was a kid.

In a news release, Booker stated that he was honored to appear on this year's covers alongside the legendary Michael Jordan, who revolutionized the game for all players who followed him, as well as two of the all-time WNBA GOATs, Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird, who still have a profound influence on the league.

NBA 2K has partnered with Every Kid Sports to assist more women playing basketball by donating $100,000 to pay the registration costs for over 550 females playing youth sports throughout the nation.

After the top-seeded Suns' disastrous Game 7 defeat to the Dallas Mavericks on May 15, everything for Booker has gone well in both his professional and personal life. He committed to a four-year, $224 million supermax agreement with the Suns on Wednesday and signed another Nike endorsement deal. 

The All-NBA First Team selection earned the three-time All-Star the supermax, and this past season, he finished fourth in the league MVP vote.

Regarding his supermax contract, Booker tweeted, Signed, sealed, delivered,   additionally, the Suns posted a video of him signing the agreement on social media.

After his rookie max deal for $158 million expires in 2024, the 25-year-new old's agreement will begin to contribute to his Forbes-listed worth.

According to Boardroom, Booker extended his Nike deal and signed it. By 2029, he will continue to serve as one of the brand's ambassadors, making it 15 years after Booker signed a contract with Nike just before being selected as a one-and-done player out of Kentucky in 2015. In addition to traditional basketball activations, he will play a significant role in Nike's innovative lifestyle initiatives.

According to his positive tweet, his favorite things include the NBA 2K23 cover and these two expensive contracts.

We can have a total understanding of how the cover comes, and all the best wishes to all of them, hoping they will live to the fullest.


The Madden 23 ratings show how underappreciated the Dallas Cowboys are despite the fact that we all enjoy playing football. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to play for the Dallas Cowboys or in the NFL. The player ratings for the classic video game's 2023 release were made public by the yearly football simulation Madden. This time of year, everyone is discussing whether certain players are under or overrated.


Do Madden ratings even matter in the grand scheme if they do not affect the actual game? Naturally, they do. The athletes ask for their respect. Here, we examine in-depth select Cowboys players who the video game designers underestimated and show why they ought to have received higher ratings.

Trevon Diggs, the cornerback, generated more discussion about his skill level than any other player in the NFL. Although there are strong feelings on both sides, the low rating of 84 must be unexpected.

It's challenging to lead the NFL in any noteworthy statistic, but Diggs did so in two. Ironically, they serve as the basis for the argument about whether the corner is overrated or underappreciated. The NFL's No. 7 quarterback had the most interceptions and passing yards allowed. Interceptions are occasionally fortunate, but not if you keep receiving them. This previous season, the Alabama product had 11 picks, which is the highest since Everson Walls intercepted the same number of passes in 1981.



So far, Diggs' past as a wide receiver has been profitable. Last season, he intercepted 21 passes, ranking second in the NFL. The corner handled the ball 49 times during his career in 28 games. He prefers to take a chance when diving for the ball.


The league-leading yards against by the third-year corner are not very outstanding but are understandable. Ironically, Marshawn Lattimore, who was adored, only allowed 81 fewer yards. All of this is accomplished while allowing a greater completion rate, quarterback rating, more touchdowns, and ten fewer touches of the ball.

Why not include Lattimore's 91 overall since we're on the subject? Even though Diggs' rating in Madden is inflated due to his prior success as a dominant corner in the NFL, Diggs shouldn't be penalized. Throughout his two NFL seasons, he has been among the better "risk-it-for-the-biscuit" cornerback.

Griffin had 35 ball touches in his final 40 games, while Diggs had 32 in 16 games this past season. Diggs leads in the majority of other categories as well, aside from yardage. Even if Dallas' best cornerback's ratings are really low, I can see his desire to improve himself. As long as he corrects a few errors, I anticipate his overall to increase from an 84 to at least an 87. Diggs still has a ton of potential given that he has only played cornerback for four years (including college).

Review to The Topic 

Here are some experiences we can conclude to make you more clear about how Madden is going, when determining its ratings, Madden is frequently erratic. Star players, or at the very least the best player at their position on their respective teams, tend to draw the most of the attention.


Although wide receivers frequently take the spotlight in the NFL, talented tight ends have grown to be quite valued. Players have transformed the sport and shown how much it helps to have a superstar at this position on your squad.


Someone has established a reputation for himself after attending the Witten school for tight ends in 2019, and we may spot some recognizable hints here and there.


In the NFL last season, the fourth-round pick from 2018 was perhaps the second-most reliable tight end. The Cowboys' running backs benefit from the positioning and technique. The two players' performance as receivers in the previous season differs mostly in two ways. One is that when targeted, Dallas' tight end has a considerably higher passer rating and a higher catching %. The offensive performance of America's Team is also very different from that of the Detroit Lions. Hockenson had less assistance, but Schultz faced stiffer opposition. Therefore, consistency is the solution to everything.


Recently, EA announced a new multi-year collaboration with Juventus, bringing one of the most successful teams in Italian football back to the game with FIFA 23 and the trailer has been released.

Watch The Announce Trailer

Since July 2019 Juventus made a contract with KONAMI to establish exclusive cooperation with Pro Evolution Soccer, Juventus has been absent from FIFA for 3 editions (FIFA 20, FIFA 21, and FIFA 22). 

Juventus’ home stadium – the Allianz Stadium, authentically alongside the recreated club’s logo and iconic kits will return to FIFA 23

Besides the club partnership, former Juventus midfield stalwart Claudio Marchisio will join the game as the latest  FUT, the multiple Scudetto winner joins some of the game’s most memorable faces and fan favorites in returning to the pitch in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. One of the game’s top young strikers - Dušan Vlahović – will also become an exclusive ambassador for EA SPORTS FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 will be released on PS 5 and PS Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia on September 30, 2022.

It has become an annual event to discuss the first Madden ratings, and the slate included in Madden 23 is no exception. EA Sports has been using Madden's Twitter account for the past week to share the positional ratings. The lineup for the Washington Commanders in the most recent version of the game has now been fully disclosed, giving us a complete look at every player who will be in it.

Two of the top 10 players at each position are on the Commanders, who have a team rating of 81. Terry McLaurin trails Jonathan Allen on the team with a rating of 91, the ninth-best rating for a receiver, while Jonathan Allen leads with a rating of 92, the fourth-highest rating for a defensive lineman. The commander's top rookie, Jahan Dotson (75), was selected in the first round.

The Commanders have a total of 12 players that have at least an 80 or better. Chase Young (86), William Jackson III (83), and Antonio Gibson (80)are among them, while Kendall Fuller, who has the third-best overall rating (89) on the squad, is also among them (80).

These are the Commanders' top-rated players at each position:

QB Carson Wentz: 73

RB Antonio Gibson: 80

WR Terry McLaurin: 91

TE Logan Thomas: 78

G Andrew Norwell: 80

C Chase Roullier: 80

T Charles Leno: 80

DT Jonathan Allen: 92

DE Chase Young: 86

LB Cole Holcomb: 79

CB Kendall Fuller: 89

S Kam Curl: 79

Players for the Commanders performed well in some of Madden's different categories as well. With a combined speed rating of 94, four players—Mclaurin, Percy Butler, Curtis Samuel, and Troy Apke—lead the squad. Butler also has the team's greatest acceleration (96), while McLaurin has the best catching (97), stamina (96), and spectacular catches for the Commanders (95).  Here, View the Madden ratings for the remaining NFL teams.

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EA has officially announced the first trailer of FIFA 23 the game with Hyper Motion 2, which will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S Xbox One, PC, and Stadia, on September 30, 2022.

This year will mark the first year that the Women's Super League will be incorporated into the FIFA series. And the game will give a free release of  The FIFA World Cup—Qatar 2022 and the Women's Nations Cup in the New Zealand 2023 League.

Worthwhile,  FIFA 23 will support all cross-platform plays including FUT, online tournaments, and exhibition matches. 

Besides FIFA 23 will be the last edition bearing the name of FIFA, in the next year it will be named EA Sports FC.

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On July 21, 2022, FIFA 23’s preorder has been set off. The standard edition cost $69.99, and the ultimate edition costs $89.99. However, something occurred to the service of Epic store in India, everybody can purchase the ultimate edition at ₹4.8 (almost free of charge).

According to netizens’ feedback, myriad people have successfully purchased the ultimate edition at ₹4.8. However, this bug has been fixed, and the official has not yet announced whether those orders made at such an unbelievable price would be refunded or not.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition + Limited Time Bonus

Pre-purchase* EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23 Standard Edition before September 30, and receive:

• FUT Team of the Week 1 Player Item (Untradeable)
• Kylian Mbappé Loan Item, for 5 FUT matches
• FUT Ambassador Loan Player Pick, for 3 FUT matches
• Career Mode Homegrown Talent, local youth prospect with world-class potential


Pre-purchase* FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition by Aug 21, 22 for a limited-time FIFA World Cup™ FUT Hero Player Item (Untradeable).

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition includes:
• Limited-time FIFA World Cup™ FUT Hero Player Item (Untradeable) on Nov 11
• 4,600 FIFA Points
• 3 Days Early Access, start playing FIFA 23 on Sept 27
• FUT Ones to Watch Player Item (Untradeable)
• FUT Team of the Week 1 Player Item (Untradeable)
• Kylian Mbappé Loan Item (5 matches)
• FUT Ambassador Loan Player Pick (3 matches)
• Career Mode Homegrown Talent

Athletes such as Kylian Mbappé of Paris Saint Germain and Sam Kerr of Chelsea have been the cover athletes of FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition, announced by EA Sports.


For the third consecutive year, Mbappé will be the face of the franchise as we predicted, while Kerr becomes the first female soccer player to appear on its global cover. Having helped France win a World Cup title in 2018, Mbappé led Ligue 1 scoring for the fourth time in 2021-22, and has scored 33 Champions League goals.

In 2020-21 and 2021-22, Kerr led Chelsea to two straight leagues and FA cup titles, earning him the FAWSL Golden Boot.

FIFA fans can now play as women in the Volta and Pro Clubs modes, as well as in teams from around the world through the Kick-Off mode, according to Euro gamer. This year will mark the first year the Women's Super League will be incorporated into the FIFA series.

Recently words come that FIFA 23 will be released on 30 Sep, the beta version of XSX|S and Xbox One has been disclosed which takes up about 38.85 GB of storage.

This will be the last EA soccer game carrying FIFA branding in its title FIFA. As a result of a messy divorce from FIFA, the series will become EA Sports FC next year.

Hopefully, EA will reveal much more about FIFA 23 during Wednesday's first trailer launch. Stay tuned for the official, it won’t be too long.


NBA 2K23 Prepares for Pre-order

Happiness always happens, it is a pleasure to tell you all about the current good news, the different editions of  NBA 2K23 will soon come out, and we can’t be more excited than ever before, as you can see NBA 2K23 is a basketball simulation video game, published by 2K.

The Prelude of NBA 2K23

Glancing into the courts, there is a man who earns words of appreciation, that’s  Michael Jordan.


NBA 2K23 has a 2 Edition with Michael Jordan, besides,  NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Edition, and a brand new premium edition of  the game with the 'NBA 2K23' Championship Edition, as no other player embodies the word 'champion' like Jordan."


Although each edition’s price has not yet been made public, we can come to know that players who purchase the Championship Edition will receive a 12-month NBA League Pass membership.


What’s NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Edition

Besides "NBA 2K11," "NBA 2K12," and "NBA 2K16" Special Edition, Jordan has graced a cover three other times. As part of "NBA 2K11," a unique model was added called the Jordan Challenge, allowing players to reenact ten of the most memorable moments from Jordan's career. 2K plans to bring this model back in both the "NBA 2K23" Michael Jordan Edition and the Championship Edition.



The Jordan Challenge consists of a number of new games in addition to the first ten games. Five more classic Jordan moments will be included this year in addition to the 10 original Challenges from NBA 2K11, according to 2K's statement.



What’s NBA 2K23 Championship Edition

For true NBA fans, “2K23 Championship Edition” is the ideal option. 2K is releasing a limited-edition version of the game that contains the Jordan Challenge (like the MJ Edition). As part of its purchase, NBA League Pass subscribers will also get access to some real basketball.



An NBA League Pass subscription includes access to the NBA's official former game streaming service for a full year. Despite not being able to watch ESPN, ABC, TNT, and NBA TV live, subscribers will be able to listen to live radio broadcasts, and archives will be available 3 hours after the broadcast ends. The NBA doesn't usually sell League Pass on its own. For $14.99 a month, the service is bundled with NBA TV on the organization's website, so this edition presents a rare opportunity to get the streaming service without committing to the whole bundle.


Right now, it is still unknown whether more features will be added as the release date approaches the doubts will be dispelled. On July 7, the game will be available for pre-order and prices will be announced.


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NHL 23's release date has not yet been disclosed by EA Sports or the EA Vancouver development team.


We can have an approximate deduction of when EA Sports NHL23 will probably release this year.


Getting to know when the former games were launched is vital. As you can see, the game had previously launched itself in September. However, EA Sports has changed the debut date to October.


This year, we envisage the team to proceed similarly, which would indicate to us that another October release is more reasonable.




NHL 23 The Expectation


Since NHL 22 would have been created during the COVID-19 epidemic, it is impressive that it was the first NHL game to leverage the Frostbite engine on all platforms.

NHL 23 is the upcoming iteration in the long-running annual series, so it's still unclear what improvements the game is making to help the series to reach an upper stair.

Authentic player motions and greater graphic enhancements made NHL 22 look much better, but it will be noteworthy to see what more the upcoming game can do to revolutionize the series much further than just looking more realistic.

 All we desire is that the game could do better than the past version, and the game that can give us a positive surprise seems crucial for good. Although it is clear that this iteration will not change too much.


NHL 23 Cover Star


Who will show up on NHL 23's cover?

Will Matthews show up on the cover once more? Although it may sound ludicrous, based on his statistics, it is not an odd idea. Like Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks (NHL 11, NHL 16), and Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals (NHL 07, NHL 21), our Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs earned his second NHL Cover last year. The thing is that Matthews had 41 goals in the 2020–21 season. He made progress in the most recent season, scoring 60 goals throughout the course of the 73 games, Extraordinary and incredible. We do have confidence in him.

In a playful tweet from back in April, EA hinted that they'd have to put Matthews on the cover once more, but we doubt it will happen in consecutive years.

Who might be a new cover figure? Although, it's hard to foresee anything with any degree of precision. We still have to wait for the official to disclose it to all of us. 


NHL 23 Price and Platforms


If our prediction is correct, NHL 23 will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Furthermore, unless EA Sports decides to surprise fans, it is once again looking impossible that the game will be available on PC platforms for another year. That's because EA Sports hasn't released an NHL game for the PC in more than a decade, and there's no reason to believe they would now.

In terms of pricing, the Standard editions of the game were available for two distinct price points last year thanks to EA Sports. The game was £69.99 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, but only £59.99 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Since not much has changed since the release of the last NHL 22 game, we guess that NHL 23 will continue to be priced at the same level.


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FIFA 23's Possible Release Date

It's getting close to the end of FIFA 22 this summer, which means it's only a matter of time before you get to FIFA 23. Expectations are high for the new FIFA since it's the last game released under the FIFA official name.

As for FIFA 23, EA hasn't revealed much information about the game except for cross-platform play and card leaks. In the middle of the summer, EA may typically announce the release date and details about the upcoming FIFA game.

FIFA Series' Usual Release Schedule

Firstly, the launch of  FIFA 22 took place On October 27, 2021. Every September, EA releases a new FIFA, with the COVID-19 epidemic being a factor in FIFA 21. In most cases, early access starts at the beginning of September, while player ratings are made public in August. Therefore, we may predict FIFA 23 to launch in September, most likely in the middle of  September. A week prior to the game's release, the beta version is most likely to arrive. We don't foresee a further delay to drive the game back, as FIFA 21 did. Turn back to the point that we'll have to wait for EA Sports to announce the game's release date, which is probably going to occur sometime around the start of August.




FIFA 23's Cover Star: Who Is It?

It is still possible to speculate about who EA Sports will pick for FIFA 23's cover star, even though EA Sports has yet to announce its choice.

It is the second year in a row that Kylian Mbappe is FIFA 22's cover star. Furthermore, it may indicate that EA will pick up a different player.

Jude Bellingham and Erling Haaland are two footballers who have made a name for themselves. Apparently, we think there is a reasonable likelihood that Erling Haaland will appear in FIFA 23 too, Since Erling Haaland became one of the best signings this summer as Manchester City activated his €60 million (£51.2 million) release clause. Haaland deserves to be the face of FIFA 23 because he was the hottest seller of the summer and was a total beast throughout the entire season.

Although it is debatable, given that FIFA 23 marks the end of an era. Could the cover include a gathering of renowned athletes? A completely fresh look for the finished product? Although we won't know for sure until it's released, Haaland is a good guess based on previous FIFA iterations. For confirmation of who will appear on the FIFA 23 cover, we must wait for EA Sports to announce it.



*Mock covers being created for FIFA 23

FIFA 23's Possible Function Updates:

FUT 23 Without Flashback Benzema and Kimpembe

Presnel Kimpembe's standard gold card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is the worst thing ever. No matter how good or quick it is, no attacker can get past this cabinet. Kimpembe wins every battle and header, blocks every shot, and the card must be bugged in some way. And always in a really peculiar manner. Even knowing how many controllers were damaged there is not something we want to know. Flashback During the early stages of FIFA 22, Karim Benzema in particular dominated. In the Weekend League before the TOTYs, the Frenchman was often the top striker. There is no way to delete both players from FIFA at once. Despite this, the players' efforts have been impressive.

Get rid of  competing with the same teams (PSG)

You're aware that as soon as the loading screen for a season or the cooperative game ends, you suddenly find yourself in the Parc des Princes, where you will face PSG. Again. As usual, you find it quite irritating. Do you, however, want to place the responsibility on the rivals for fielding the greatest team in the match? In fact, EA might make it so that you can't play the same team twice in a row when searching for opponents in FIFA 23 matching.

Every Goal Anthem And Chants For FIFA 23

An interesting idea. And it must be acknowledged that this is already a huge improvement over FIFA 21. Costly licenses are undoubtedly one factor in goal anthem absence. It's not like EA generates billions of dollars a year from FIFA. However, it is unquestionably necessary to incorporate fan chants for every club with a license.

Starting in Their youth, Both Coaches And Players

This is genuinely fascinating. You begin as a young player or coach, play soccer all your life, and pass through all the youth stations. Perhaps a more critical tone could be added to this mode to highlight the cruel nature of soccer. Similar to Alex Hunter's plot, but with a much earlier start and a longer duration.

Play Custom Players For Your Career Team

Playing your own club was added as a new element for the career mode in FIFA 22. But the crazy part was that you could only utilize game-generated players. You also wish to use your own players in your own club.

Choose A Referee's Jersey

Who is unaware of it? In career mode, the referee frequently dresses up the same color as two teams. That is obsessively awful. Continually, Chances are that folks would customize the jersey of the referee in advance of a match.


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What’s The Release Date?


Madden NFL 23 is planned to release on August 19, 2022 12:00 PM GMT+08:00


What’s New in Madden NFL 23


EA has revealed the gameplay changes coming to Madden NFL 23, including the addition of fan-requested features in its Franchise mode. Franchise mode has been heavily criticized in recent years, similar to Career Mode in FIFA or MyGM in NBA 2K. Still, Madden NFL 23 promises a built-up and refined version that features staff management, weekly game planning, and scouting.

Improved trade logic, new free agency tools, and enhanced scout decision-making also contribute to greater authenticity, all complemented by a simplified user interface intended to enhance franchise-building capabilities.


There have been some upgrades to the Face of the Franchise mode for those who wish to start a solo career, including the addition of the cornerback position. In addition to the improvements to Franchise mode, there are improvements to Trade mode as well.

FieldSENSE is a brand-new concept that EA is integrating into Madden 23 and describing as "a new basis for continual, ultra-realistic gaming." This alters how players interact with one another both above and below the surface through the use of branching animations that EA is referring to as Hit Everything. 

FieldSense, EA's new technology that gives players control of every position on the field, underpins the consistency and ultra-realism of Madden NFL 23's core systems.

This materializes in a few ways. It will be easier for the defense to adapt, as with midair knockouts, tackling piles to assist in tackles already in progress, blowing up blocks, and forcing turnovers.


What’s Madden 23 Cover


A new Madden game usually features an exceptional football player on its cover. John Madden himself appears in this season's installment. He passed away in December 2021 at the age of 81. Thus, placing him at the center of this year's game is a fitting tribute to the man who gave this franchise its name. A fun fact: Madden first appeared in 1988. As a legend of coaching, broadcasting, and involvement with the Madden NFL franchise, the Madden 23 cover honors him with reverence.


What’s The Platform of Installment


Madden 23 will launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, but some features will only be available on Xbox Series S|X and PS5.


For Windows users, the recommended requirements are:


OS: 64-bit Windows 10

Processor (AMD): FX 8150 @3.6GHz or so

Processor (Intel): Core i5-3350 @3.40GHz or Equivalent other processors

Memory: 12 GB

Graphics card (AMD): Radeon R9 270x or so

Graphics card (NVIDIA): GeForce GTX 680 or so

DirectX: 11 Compatible video card or so

Online Connection Requirements: Broadband Connection Hard-drive space: 50 GB


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Are you fond of sports but with little chance to leap due to pandemics? Here I highly recommend you to play the NHL® 22 at home with your beloved ones or friends, from time to time we may feel like we lack a way to relieve the burden of one another, gaming is a good choice, since it can let's slow down and get more wisdom with a pilgrim heart...  


NHL 22 is an exciting American football game, with a realistic gaming experience of all time which is based on the Frostbite engine. The Frostbite engine provides massive graphic improvements that substantially improve realism in NHL 22. The NHL's superstars have never seemed more alive, thanks to redesigned player likenesses and all-new eye animations that monitor and respond to the action around them.


NHL 22 features Superstar X-Factors, a game-changing concept that allows you to unleash unique player powers to make stars feel like stars while influencing games in new ways, in addition to a new engine. Superstar X-Factor skills are reserved for and inspired by the league's most talented players, and they distinguish the greatest from the rest in physical ways that you can feel while they're on the ice.



Here in this game, the IIHF World Championship starts this Friday, May 13th, and NHL 22 gives you the best chance to represent your country ever. The official has updated the rosters of each competing team today so you can play the real IIHF World Championship in NHL 22. If you haven't heard, NHL 22 added the IIHF World Championship earlier this year, allowing you to govern a country of your choosing in a genuine tournament structure similar to what you'll see in Finland.


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